Leave all your skin care needs to us! Be it facials, aromatherapy, skin care and make up. Mia will make you feel comfortable with her knowledge as a certified Esthetician.

​Diamond tip Microdermabrasion. ​Reduces the appearance of fine lines, superficial acne scars, sun damage and is proven beneficial for reducing hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and aid in the treatment of acne. 

​Light Heat Energy Micro Phototherapy (LHE). ​These soothing pulses of heat work together deep beneath the surface of the skin with light to remove sun spots, even out skin tone and smooth the texture of your skin with virtually no down time and no discomfort. (Great add on!) 

​LED Photo Rejuvenation. ​This noninvasive treatment will reach the deepest layers of skin creating chemical changes by the light Spectrum Therapy. Excellent therapy for acne, evening skin tone, calming and soothing the most sensitive skin Rosacea!

Glo & Go Peels. ​Great for all skin types helps correct visible imperfections and skin texture. 

Certified esthetician ~ mia

With our OxyGeneo Facial's unique oxygenation plus the included NeoBright treatment gel, your skin will be brightened, lightened, and glowing! NeoBright works with the body’s mechanisms to oxygenate the skin and to lighten the complexion naturally. Kojic and azelaic acid inhibit melanin production, acne, and hyperpigmentation. NeoBright’s highly effective, gentle formula, infuses your skin with natural emollients, antioxidants and skin-nourishing vitamins. Salon Bella is excited to be the first salon to introduce this treatment to the Midwest!

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All treatment are customizable! Treatments start at $45 & up, packages are available 

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